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My picture book from January 2017.

Published by Skald Forlag


Vev vel

Illustrasjoner til bok om veving, laget av Norges Husflidslag 2016


Monster under senga

Picture book written by Siri Gjelsvik. Published by Cappelen Damm 2017


BURSDAG by Jan Chr. Næss and published by

Cappelen Damm in 2016

KYSS EIN BOKSTAV by Erna Osland. Illustrated book. The cover is printed on lovely matte paper and with an embossed hand drawn title.

Skald 2011

MAMMA ER EN LUFTBALLONG (My mum is a hot air balloon) is my second self initiated picture book, and it´s also published in Russia.

Gyldendal 2004


MONS MARIUS ER EI LØVE is written by Bente Bratlund, designed and illustrated by me, and published by Mangschou publishing in 2010

«Princess Aasta» is my very first picture book. Published by Bloomsbury children´s books in the UK in 1999. Copublished in Norway, Denmark, Holland and France  the same year. The book was also published in the US a few years later. You can find the story in «Den store Prinsesseboken» from Aschehoug Publishing house.

RAUDE VILLE GEITER by Astrid Grønsnes. 

Samlaget 2010

TRÅDBOKA by Annie Eikenes. Wool, silk, linen and cotton. Facts and history presented withe the help of these two characters; Gimber and Katta. Layout and Graphic design by Tress Design.

Unika forlag 2009


SÅ INNMARI EN SYKKEL by Øystein S. Ziener.

Aschehoug 1999

MISUNNELIGE MAGDA (Envious Evelyn) is my third self initiated picture book. 

Gyldendal 2011

ORDLEIKSBOKA  Illustrations on each end every one of the 218 pages. Written by Olaf Husby, Øystein Vangsnes and Sylfest Lomheim. Graphic design by Silje Nes. GULL i årets vakreste bøker 2009. 

Skald 2008

ARKIMEDES OG SNØBALLEN is the 4th book in a series about Arkimedes the cat, Eureka and her father. Hans Sande is the brilliant author.

Gyldendal 2012